International conference:

“Overlapping histories & conflicting memories - European memory culture(s) in the 21st century”

Potsdam, Germany



Especially in many post-communist countries – but of course not only there – remembrance itself is facing new challenges. In national as well as regional and local contexts the fight about “memory” is fought hardly. The discussion of those “overlapping histories” on national socialism and fascism and communism, the remembrance on the victims of NS-Regime and the Holocaust on one hand and the victims of communism on the other hand are leading to „conflicting memories“, where – and in regard to a European Remembrance Culture” perhaps one of the main aspects – the national socialism is very often put on the same level within comparison with the communistic system. Numerous projects, such as the European Museum in Brussels, have been triggered by the idea that a common European account of history is necessary to instill heart and soul in the European project and to strengthen a feeling of identity and solidarity. However, while memory can serve as the basis of creating a national identity, it is doubtful whether it can do the same for a supranational group of states like the EU.



The question of a European remembrance culture is needed and possible and which could be its content is not answered by closing thematically gaps. The first question should be: is there a collective remembrance? Second it must be considered that a European history is not automatically leading towards the same way of experiencing and remembering within Europe and finally not all forms of historical memory are leading towards peace, civilization, human behavior and democratic culture.


The conference will be attended by people from abroad and from Germany, partly consisting of speeches providing as much an overview over the topic as analyzing it from different angles but focus on the active work of all participants in the working groups to the topics "Generation 21 and new media", "Places of encounter: Networking and exchange between East and West" and "Overlapping history: Regional and European Remembrance culture(s)".


The International conference “Overlapping histories & conflicting memories - European memory culture(s) in the 21st century” will be held in the German city of Potsdam, Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte, Am Neuen Markt 9, 14467 Potsdam, 22.-25.11.2012.


The conference is free of admission or registration fee. Accommodation, food & beverages are covered. Travel costs up to 350 EUR are covered by the host of the conference.


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