Jadwiga Wlaźlińska

(Stowarzyszenie Kameleon)

House of Culture is my job and my passion, but above all important are people.

For 25 years, I still longing to go back to them from my holiday travels.

Dorota Karch

(Stowarzyszenie Kameleon)

I can safely say that my work is my passion, and the European Voluntary Service is a pleasant challenge. Outside of work I'm primarily a mother, I like to paint and read. Formal info on http://www.mdk.miasto.zgierz.pl/nowa/ekipa.php

Maria Rajpold

(Biblioteka Publiczna)

Thanks to EVS, we can enrich our work with children even more to promote reading in our district, to know another culture, new cool people, develop our interests.

Dorota Krawczyk

(Przedszkole 28)

My name is Dorothy, my hobbies are traveling either to distant countries, and biking to the next forest. I am fascinated by nature, culture and people. I try to capture everything - photographing.This desire to learn was for me the main motive for joining the EVS, because every person is encountered as the undiscovered island, and if there are also difficulties to overcome the barriers of language or culture there are fascinating.