Każda z tych osób przesłała nam swoje zdjęcie oraz parę słów o sobie. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z sylwetkami naszych nowych wolontariuszek, które już niedługo będzie można spotkać w Łodzi.


Angeline Bretonville (Francja)

(Biblioteka Publiczna)

Dzień dobry everybody ! I am Angéline (how do you pronounce it in your language?) from France. Because words are not enough to express the extreme happiness I am feeling making this EVS, and because I am not sure my English is very good, I just would like to say I hope we will spend unforgettable 9 months together and have good time. I am really exciting to share this beautiful experience with all of you. See you soon.


Judith Vervisch (Belgia)

(Fundacja FERSO)

"I'm looking forward to ship in for the great adventure in cold and icy

Lodz, and cannot wait to see the new place I'm going to live in, and all

of your faces!"

Manca Pečnik (Słowenia)

Przedszkole Miejskie 29


Don't judge me:) it's just something i like to say and it mostly have to do with the fact i usually don't judge others.