Why do we need water?

This booklet has been prepared by Judith Vervisch, an EVS volunteer in the Foundation for Education and Development of Civil Society

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Water is a basic component and prerequisite for all life on Earth. Humans, animals and plants all need it for their survival. Providing drinkable water to people in emergency situations is the second most important action to be done in order to safeguard their lifes, after keeping them warm. Not consuming drinkable water can provoke death to a human being in only a few days, while consuming contaminated water may lead to serious health problems. But water is also vital to us in many more indirect ways. We need it to wash ourselves, our clothes or the things our food gets in contact with in order to avoid diseases and infections, and we use it for cooking. But human beings also depend on ecosystems for their survival, and there would be no such thing as an ecosystem without water.