Julia niedawno przyjechała do Łodzi.
Właśnie rozpoczyna swoją kilkumiesięczną przygodę związaną z nowym miastem, krajem i odmienną kulturą.

First of all, I never thought I would be one to start to do anything similar to EVS, but now, here I am!

I do apologise for not being a computer expert: colors, backgrounds, formatting, etc. sound more unfamiliar to me- but it?s just the first blog entry. Probably at the first time, simplicity is the best.

After spending an unknown amout of time applying to many-many organisations, I can say, I?m really lucky that I was accepted by FERSO. People are very enthusiastic and helpful here, which means a lot to me.

So why exactly am I here at FERSO being a volunteer? I think this 9-months long time I spend here helps me deal with things, I?m really interested about, but so far haven?t got chance to try. Like helping and hopefully later doing workshops, presentations.

Now let me introduce myself. Like everyone else I?ve also got my worries, dreams, passions and fears. However, I have nothing to complain about fortunately: I have a nice and supportive family, who always stands by me.

And what do I expect from this challenge? It really is so great to have something new to deal with, something to put creative energy into. Doing something completely different that you got used to, makes you a bit confused, though. And of course, it was also a bit tricky to adapt to the new environment, but it could have been worse.

All in all, I have accepted my current situation. Anyway, I feel every aspect of my life can be improved because of this change in my life. My focus now is to maintain this positive change.