Łódź means ?boat? in Polish, and that?s exactly what you can find on the city?s coat of arms ? a boat. A weird name for a place that does not have any large body of water nearby.

However the town itself is really old, it was first mentioned in historical records back in the 14th century, most of what you can see in Łódź today dates back only to the 1800s.

Even in 1810, the town had less than 200 inhabitants. And then, in a few years, it became one of the largest textile centers in the Russian Empire- as this part belonged that time to Russia. People were coming to Łódź from everywhere, even from some really distant lands ? like Portugal and France.

Nowadays it is the third largest city of Poland. If you?re not aware, Łódź doesn?t really have a reputation of being a city with beautiful architecture. It is usually described as an ugly, post-industrial one, instead.

The negative reputation of Łódź is completely unfair. Some critics may right that the view of block of flats darkened by pollution is not the nicest, but there are other, worth-visiting parts. In fact, there are some absolutely admirable places to be found.

The former textile mill converted to a shopping mall ?Manufaktura? is one of the positive examples. And just across the road are amazing old factory worker flats.

Many other parts of Łódź are newly renovated. They are investing so much in this city so it has a huge potential to become a great touristic and investing place

Finally, Łódź has many green areas and the largest park, gardens ? a nice place to escape from the stress of town.

All in all, it proves that if you open your eyes, you find yourself in a unique, inspiring place called Łódź!