As 4,5 months passed from the 9-month long project, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to summarize a bit not only the past, but what the next months may hold for me.

Looking back on the last months, I can see that in some aspect it hasn't been the busiest or most eventful time I've ever had. Of course, that is not to underestimate the things that have happened in the past months, because a number of very important things have occurred.

Firstly, I successfully applied for this EVS-project and soon found myself in Poland. Here I had a really great challange to cope with the difficulties living abroad. While this job will has given me priceless experience and an excellent opportunity for further progression as well.

As a person, I have learnt a lot in the previous time. I've come to a much better understanding of myself. However, this time won't be remembered for being full of events, I could meet a lot of nice, interesting and different people.

Inspite of the good things happened to me during EVS, I made a decision to quit it soon. ?There is no design for life? and none for EVS, neither. Besides, my choice was taken by personal matters basically. It is all rather unfortunate, but I hope I can take the experience I have gained here.

So in 32 days, I?ll travel back home. How did I benefit of volunteering (to quote a favorite workshop question)? I would like to continue to improve myself in the future. After EVS experience, I feel I have a much better understanding of who I am and I'm quietly confident I can build upon this and achieve the small personal goals I am going to set myself